Can Mikogo be used on a Terminal Server?

Yes it can. For this, we recommend you download and use the portable version of Mikogo. This is because the regular installation version of Mikogo runs, by default, in a mode that prevents it being used on a Windows Terminal Server. The portable version on the other hand runs perfectly on a Windows Terminal Server and includes all the Mikogo features available on a Windows computer.

Download: Mikogo Portable Version

The portable version does not need to be installed on the computer. To provide the portable version to all users on a Terminal Server you can choose between two methods:


  1. Provide the Mikogo portable version to all users individually

    You can, for example, copy the Mikogo portable version to each user’s desktop and the users would be able to start Mikogo from there.

  2. Provide the Mikogo portable version via a single folder on the Windows Terminal Server

    You can save the Mikogo portable version in a single folder on the Terminal Server. For example: C:\programs\Mikogo4 Then you can create a link for all users to start Mikogo from that folder. This folder could also be a network path. The advantage of this solution is that you only need to return to and maintain one location if there is a Mikogo update.



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