Using the Voice over IP (VoIP) feature

To learn how to talk using Mikogo's Voice over IP feature, please watch the video or read the feature description below.



After starting a screen sharing session, click on the headset icon to open the Voice Conferencing drawer. Make sure you select “Microphone and Speakers (VoIP)” and then click on Start Voice Conference.




As soon as the voice conference has started you will notice a green phone symbol voip3.png next to your name in the Participant List. Now you are ready to invite your participants to view your screen and speak to you in the voice conference.



As soon as your participants join your screen sharing session, they will see the pop-up window shown below. Using the drop-down menus in this window they can select which microphone and speakers they want to use for the conference, in case their computer has multiple audio devices.


After clicking Join, your participants will be connected to your VoIP conference and you can speak to each other through the Mikogo software. Next to the organizer’s and participants’ names a green handset symbol  will be displayed, indicating that they have joined the VoIP conference and can speak and be heard by others in the session.


Participants must join with the connection program

In order to join a VoIP-enabled Mikogo session, your participants will need to join the session using the Connection Program (download option), which they can select at the session login page,


Can I record the VoIP call?

Mikogo includes a recording feature for your online meetings. If you are using Mikogo Version 5.2 or higher, then your software has the combined recording feature which will create a combined recording of both the voice track and screen recording together.

More information about how to use the Mikogo recording feature here.


Making VoIP Calls - Best Practices

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your VoIP calls, we have a free best practices guide to assist: The Ultimate Guide to Hosting VoIP Conferences. Download the white paper for free from our Online Meeting Resources page.

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