The connection or screen sharing is very slow

There are a few settings you can adjust to improve your speed during a Mikogo session. These settings can be made as defaults via the Profile Manager, or changed on-the-fly via the Settings panel.

By setting the Picture Quality you can influence the transmission speed. If you select the maximum quality, the image will be transmitted in true color and if you select the minimum quality, the image will be transmitted in grey-scale, however the speed of the desktop sharing increases.

With the Mikogo Presenter Scale you can virtually decrease your screen resolution and increase the speed of your presentation. You can adjust and set the presenter scale under “Settings” in the software either during or before you start a session.

Instant Screen Build-Up shows image changes on the participants’ screens as soon as they are transmitted. As a result, the image within a participant’s screen changes immediately after the first changes are transmitted.

Slowness / lag may be related to the speed of your Internet connection, or that of your participants. To test the available bandwidth, please go to You will see a map – please click on the yellow star in the centre of the map. Your transfer rate will then be determined. Please note that this may take a few moments. Following the test, the available bandwidth (Up and Download speed) will be shown. We suggest an upload of 1 MB/s to ensure a smooth and fast transmission.

Please also ensure that Mikogo is not being blocked by your firewall. If you are working with strict firewall rules, create an exception for Mikogo.

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