Remote control a client’s computer

Mikogo offers two different options for gaining remote control over another computer.


Option 1: Before a Session

  1. Click on the start symbol gain01.png
  2. Select Support from the drop-down menu and click Start Session


  1. Select View & Control and click OK


The session will then start and the Participant List will open with the session ID. Give the session ID to your participant. When they join your session, you will instantly see their screen and have remote control. There is no need to switch presenter or request additional remote control rights.


Option 2: During a Session

  1. If you are the organizer and currently presenting your screen, you first need to switch presenting rights to the selected participant. Find the drop-down menu titled “Presenter”. Open that and click on the selected participant. Once they accept the request, they will become the presenter and you will see their screen.
  2. Click on the “Control” drop-down menu and select your own name. 
  3. The selected participant will then receive a notification that you are requesting remote control. Once they accept, you will have remote keyboard and mouse control of their computer.


Note: If you see your participant’s name written in gray within the presenter or control dropdown menus, this indicates the participant joined your session using the HTML Viewer instead of the Connection Program and you won't be able to select this participant as a presenter or controller. Please advise your participants to select the Connection Program (download option) when they visit to join your session.

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