The Mikogo Whiteboard

To learn how to use the Mikogo Whiteboard, please watch the video or read the feature description below.


The Whiteboard enables you to draw on your screen and highlight certain areas.


The Marker enables you to draw freely, circle, add different shapesor use the “laser-pointer”.

With a click of your right mouse button you can return to your regular mouse cursor.

Via the Eraser white2.png you can either delete all or only parts of your sketches.

Multi-User Whiteboard: Via the white3.png button you can allow all participants or one participant to use the whiteboard together with you.

The result is that the selected participants can contribute and draw on your screen, even without you having to give them remote control of your computer.

Further you have the option to set text fields white4.png on your screen or on your whiteboard drawings.

If you want to save your drawings as a screenshot please click on white5.png and select the folder that you wish the screenshot to be saved in.

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