How do I schedule a Mikogo meeting?


The Scheduler allows you to plan your Mikogo sessions and send invitations in advance.

The Scheduler can be accessed via the schedule1.png icon before starting a session.


To schedule a new session:

  1. Click on the Plusschedule2.pngicon in the bottom-left corner
  2. Next, fill in the details for the Topic, Date, Start and Duration of the upcoming session.


As an option you can enter a Session Password for your session, or leave this field blank for no password.

To include a list of dial-in teleconferencing numbers, check the box next to Include Conference Call Information. If you’d like to use your own conferencing number, this can be typed in the field after selecting Use custom Conference Call Service.

Checking the box next to Remind Me allows you to set up an email reminder which is sent one day (24h) before the start of the scheduled session.

As soon as your session has been saved it will appear in the Scheduler.

To send an invitation, first click one of your scheduled sessions so that it turns blue, then click on theschedule4.png button to send an email or calendar invitation directly via Outlook. You can also use the copy invitation function to copy the session information. After clicking copy, open a new email and press paste (or CTRL+V) into the body of the email.

To edit schedule5.pngor deleteschedule6.png your saved session, single-click on the respective session to select it, then click on the edit or delete buttons at the bottom of the Scheduler.


To start a scheduled session, double click on the saved session within the Scheduler. Alternatively, on the day of the scheduled session, click on Start Session  then double-click the session listed beneath “Today’s Scheduled Sessions”.



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