Joining a Mikogo Session


To join a Mikogo session:

1)            Go to

2)            Enter the 9-digit Session ID and your name,

3)            Click on the “Join Session” button.


You can either join a session using the connection program or the HTML Viewer:

  • Use the connection program to actively participate in a session. The connection program will allow you to share your screen, obtain or give remote keyboard/mouse control, transfer files, record the session, see the participant list and use the whiteboard and pointer.
  • Use the browser-based HTML Viewer to join a session in view-only mode. The advantage is that you do not need to run any software. You only need a browser to see the screen of the presenter through a secure website. No downloads, no Java, no ActiveX, no Flash required.

After running Mikogo:

A few seconds later, the  icon will appear in the system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen and the screen contents will load inside the Mikogo viewer window.

If you use the HTML Viewer, the screen contents will load inside your browser. You can zoom in and out with Ctrl +/– and switch to full screen mode with F11.


For a full walk-through, please watch the video below.



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