How do I prevent the message "Mikogo will be started with normal privileges"?

This message is related to our capture service. The capture service enables the use of some advanced features for remote support, such as the ability to see UAC prompts, switch Windows user accounts, and install or modify software on the remote computer. This is necessary due to Windows' User Account Control system.

To prevent this from popup from appearing in the future, please uninstall Mikogo using the “remover” tool, located in your Windows Start Menu under Mikogo or inside the Mikogo 4 disk folder, which is located here:
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Mikogo 4\

Next, download Mikogo from our download page and save the Mikogo download to your computer, and when it finishes downloading, right click on the file - Mikogo-starter.exe - and click “Run as administrator”. Now Mikogo will be started with administrator privileges, and you will no longer see the dialog box after a restart.

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