Does Mikogo work through corporate firewalls?

Yes. In most cases corporate firewalls allow Mikogo to connect via proxy.

When you start or join a session, Mikogo establishes one or several secure connections with a Mikogo server. Mikogo employs intelligent tunneling technology, working with your existing network configuration to use ports that are already open in your firewall and proxy server (Port 80 and Port 443).

Our software has a proxy detection feature. This detection tries to find valid proxy settings on your system. If these settings can't be automatically obtained, our Mikogo panel opens a window requesting proxy settings from you. The proxy settings can normally be obtained from your IT department.

In most corporate environments, valid proxy settings are: 

Proxy URL/IP: proxy
Port: 8080
Type: HTTP

If your company does not have a proxy available, but the network traffic to our servers is blocked, your IT department will have to open the TCP ports 443 to connect with our servers.

You can request detailed information about that via a support request here inside the helpdesk or via email at

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