What is the “Enable Service” feature?

This is a button found in the Mikogo software settings. It is advantageous when using Mikogo for remote support. By clicking this button you will enable the service which will allow Mikogo to access the Windows service including:

  • View and click on all UAC windows (below is an example of such a window)
  • Access all areas of the Control Panel
  • Switch between Windows user accounts
  • Run programs as administrator



This feature is important for remote support sessions because as the IT technician, you want your client to enable the service so you get the best remote connection and can access such areas on the remote PC.

To ensure the service is enabled automatically on the remote PC, ask your client to join your session from remote.mikogo.com. When they do this, a UAC window will appear asking for their permission to run Mikogo. If they click Yes, the rest will take care of itself!

Otherwise the capture service can also be enabled during a session via Settings in the Mikogo panel on the remote PC.




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